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Gauteng Drones provides specialist inspection services at height and difficult to access areas, via use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

We are approved and Insured Specialists. Offering aerial filming and photography at an affordable price. Speak to our fully trained & qualified drone pilots about your project 081 029 5033 or 011 039 6857. Whatever your needs, we are here to help.


Gauteng Drone is a commercial drone service provider in South Africa specializing in asset integrity inspection and survey using high specification drone technology. We are currently able to provide services throughout Gauteng and nationwide.


Industrial Survey and Inspection

Gauteng Drone’s fully trained drone pilots are capable of capturing high quality data in real-time, allowing full coverage of vast areas within a significantly reduced timescale. We can provide detailed inspection reports, allowing use towards insurance applications or legal procedures, or to use in conjunction with service or maintenance routines.

Agriculture Survey and Crop Scouting

Gauteng Drones are currently working within the agriculture sector to embrace revolutionary strategies for producing food, increasing productivity, and making sustainability a priority. By utilizing our high spec drones, it allows you to address several of these major challenges.

Utilities Survey and Inspection

Gauteng Drones have undertaken multiple inspections within the renewable energy industry, with a broad grasp on Wind Turbines and Solar Farms. Traditional methods of inspection can run into tens of thousands of nonproductive time alone, without factoring in third party rope access teams or technicians to assess the extent of any damage to the wind turbines.

Bespoke Promotional Media

Gauteng Drones are well equipped to apply our drones, equipment and passion, towards creating high quality promotional drone footage for your project. High-resolution aerial photography is also available for any promotional or personal requirements.

Mapping and Photogrammetry

Gauteng Drones are committed to providing the client with as much beneficial data as possible. We are now able to offer Mapping in the way of Orthorectified Images, 3D images, Orthomosaics, NDVI, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and topographical land survey to our portfolio, all via the use of our high spec fleet of drones and heightened ability to operate and process the captured data accordingly.

Confined Space Inspection and Internal Survey

We have access to some of the highest specification UAV on the market and our fleet of equipment is developed and manufactured around asset integrity inspection.

Thermal Inspection and Survey

Gauteng Drones are able to assist you with your thermography requirements whether you are working within the construction sector and looking to establish energy losses from the ground up. Or are involved within the process industry and looking to include thermography as part of your asset maintenance routines around: flare stack, cooling towers, evaporator modules, pilot light systems or even superheaters, boilers or furnaces.

Property and Estate Promotional Media aerial estate

Gauteng Drones have been employed several times to capture aerial estate photography and or footage of property, land, estates and farms. From an aerial perspective, we are able to utilize our extensive background and experience behind a camera and our knowledge of drone photography and editing suites to produce beautiful bespoke aerial photography or footage and of the client’s property

Aerial Filming And Photography

for commercial, industrial and property management.

Our Experience

Gauteng Drones is a company with vast experience in heavy industry, and a wealth of knowledge in mechanical engineering practices, and are well equipped to carry out any visual inspection work at height or inaccessible areas. Operated by DRONE MEDIA a Division of DC GEOMATICS

Speak to our fully trained & qualified drone pilots

The introduction of Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Act has meant that use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for commercial purposes is now regulated.

To comply the interested parties have to apply to the following institutions for accreditation and approvals:

South African Civil Aviation Authority. (SACAA)

Department of Trade and Industry. (DTI)

Independent Communication Authority of South Africa. (ICASA)

SACAA registered RPAS training organization. (Drone flight school)

The successful applicants receive the following:

Radio Station Licence

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Licence. (RPL)

Air Services Company Licence

RPAS letter of approval per aircraft (RLA)

RPAS registration certificate. (Per Aircraft)

ROM (SACAA approved RPAS Operation Manual)

ROC (RPAS Operating Certification)

SACAA Direct compliance related – R 50 000.00 or imprisonment of up to 10 years.
Third party liability – up to R 2 500 000.00 per Aircraft.
Civil Lawsuits – dependant on case severity.
Criminal Charges – dependent on severity.
All persons (especially the instructing party) involved in illegal drone operations are all directly and jointly liable for any fines, imprisonment and lawsuits.

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